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DYH Summer Skills

Summer Skills Registration. July 8th - August 19th, Mondays 5:50PM. $225 Instructor Jim Walsh.

Click the link below.


New to town?  Missed tryouts?  Want to register a Learn to Play skater? 

No problem!  Click the link below to register for next season!

Duxbury Youth Hockey 2024-2025 teams

Note: If you do not see your player’s name below, we are still missing a new USA Hockey Number for you.  Please click here to get one and email the Confirmation Page to

Girls U10
E. Deacon
M. Dinneen
E. Gillespie
C. Graeve
H. Herman
A. Murphy
L. Murphy
E. Mycko
C. Phalen
E. Reed
C. Sylvia
A. Weisel

Girls U12
T. Barrows
A. Belanger
V. Belanger
P. Bird
L. Bryan
M. Cochrane
M. Donovan
H. Frazier
K. Hockanson
I. MacGregor
L. Melville
L. Shepard

Mite A
L. Allen
J. Callahan
N. Castricone
C. Conroy
S. Cowen
W. Decastro
B. Dinneen
C. Donovan
W. Dugas
L. Georgantas
L. Johnson
P. Mackinnon
C. Murphy
B. Pierce
J. Winterle

Mite B
L. Berman
L. Calista
T. Devin
J. Dinneen
D. Gomer
J. Reed
J. Shepard
D. Spencer
M. Van Haur

Mite C
W. Garnsey
P. Gorman
J. Hill
C. Louttit
E. Murphy
P. Maguire
W.  Tenreiro
C. Turner
C. Pontiff
A. Whiting

Squirt A
S. Breer
F. Carter
D. Chaves
D. Coffey
P. Conroy
P. Cowen
A. Gillespie
J. Johnson
J. Johnson
W. Kingston
D. Morrissey
A. Owens
M. Pineo
B. Roberts
B. Rowell
C. Schiebler
T. Swanson

Squirt B1
V. Dinneen
F. Dorsey
Q. Frazier
B. Herman
S. Herman
C. Leahy
J. Lucier
S. Lynch
J. Markatos
B. McManus
B. McGraw
B. Murphy
M. Penwell
J. Pontiff
C. Towse
W. Troiano

Squirt B2
L. Bird
N. Brown
M. Bryer
B. Carnuccio
G. Cleary
D. Donovan
C. Fay
W. Ferrule
L. Flaim
B. Gable
Q. Hazelton
L. Lyons
H. Monaghan
B. Mullins
W. Sullivan
L. Van Haur

Squirt C
J. Alcarez
R. Burt
V. Castricone
L. D’Ambruoso
T. Drew
L. Joyce
H. MacGregor
N. Peterman
L. Schwartz
C. Sylvia
C. Tenreiro
L. Turner
R. Tufts

Pee Wee A/B
P. Berman
H. Cleary
B. Duggan
S. Gable
S. Harrington
L. Herman
B. LaValle
R. Martinsen
K. McGraw
G. McManus
B. Powers
T. Troiano
E. Zuckerman

Pee Wee B2
T. Barrows
A. Belanger
V. Belanger
J. Elliott
J. Fitzsimons
M. Gammons
C. Gallagher
M. Kaufman
C. MacInnis
I. MacGreggor
C. Maguire
Q. Murphy
T. Roderick
R. Sanford
A. Sylvia
W. Swanson
P. Symington

Bantam Jr High 1
B. Bird
C. Bridget
B. Calista
A. Carter
N. Fiander
C. Gable
P. Graeve
R. Hartman
B. Johnson
K. Kingston
B. Lovett
J. Manley
L. Murray
H. Najarian
K. O’Connell
T. Williamson
N. Vogt

Bantam Jr High 2
C. Bridget
R. Chaplin
C. Drew
A. Driscoll
W. Fitzgerald
P. Graeve
M Hussar
L. Kelleher
Thomas James
C. Louttit
T. Maser
E. Pontiff
T. Reed
H. Sanford

J. Armstrong
J. Ballerene
C. Bryan
L. Brzek
J. Camara
C. Coffey
S. Cho
A. Crovo
K. Gallagher
W. Gammons
J. Hussar
T. Leahy
D. MacDonald
W. Markwell
B. Ray

2024-2025 USA Hockey Numbers Now Due in SportsEngine

File:USA hockey logo.svg - Wikipedia
If you do not have a new 24-25 USA Hockey number please click here to get one.  Be sure to PRINT and SAVE their confirmation code(s). Remember to register EACH of your players with USA Hockey and update in SportsEngine. Each player must have their own unique USA Hockey confirmation number.

To update your USA Hockey number in SportsEngine, follow these steps:

  1. Go to and sign in using the same SportsEngine parent account that you used for registering your player.
  2. Click on the 24-25 year registration link.  
  3. Scroll to the bottom section and click on the pencil to edit the Registration Options section.
  4. Copy and paste your USA Hockey number into the field and click on SAVE REGISTRATION ENTRY.

The attached PDF also gives you a step by step with pictures to help guide you.  If you have any questions, please email

Duxbury Youth Hockey

This is the website for Duxbury Youth Hockey.  We are a volunteer, non-profit organization that operates a youth hockey program for the benefit of the people of the Town of Duxbury.  Our main purpose is to provide  an opportunity for the youth of the Duxbury, MA to skate and obtain hockey instruction with the objectives of developing a love for the game and learning about sportsmanship, character and teamwork all while building lifelong friendships and memories.