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The following is the DYH meeting Schedule for the 2019-20 season. Please note that the coaches' meetings that are held every other month are open to all DYH members.


Meeting Date Time Location
Coaches/Board 09/09/19 7:00pm Legion
Board 10/14/19 7:00pm Legion
Coaches/Board 11/18/19 7:00pm Legion
Board 12/16/19 7:00pm Sr. Center
Coaches/Board 01/20/20 7:00pm Legion
Board 02/10/20 7:00pm Sr. Center
Coaches/Board 03/09/20 7:00pm Legion
Board (Apr/May) 04/13/20 7:00pm Sr Center
Annual Meeting - Board 06/15/20 6:00pm Senior Center
Annual Meeting 06/15/20 7:00pm Senior Center