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 Tue 10/22/2019 StartFinishOfclDivisionTeamTypeOpponentNote By 
Kingston, The Bog Rink 1 6:20p 7:10p  >DYH Full Ice>Mites> Mite A Practice Mite B   AA 
6:20p 7:10p  >DYH Full Ice>Girls> Girls U10 A Practice TBD   AA 
7:20p 8:10p  >DYH Full Ice>Squirts> Squirt A Practice Squirt B1   AA 
Plymouth, Armstrong 7:30p 8:20p  >DYH Full Ice>Girls> Girls U12 A Practice Girls U12 B   AA 
8:30p 9:20p  >DYH Full Ice>Girls> Girls U14 A Practice Girls U14 B   AA 
 Wed 10/23/2019 StartFinishOfclDivisionTeamTypeOpponentNote By 
Kingston, The Bog Mini Rink 5:30p 6:20p  >DYH Full Ice>PeeWee> Peewee C Practice TBD   AA 
6:30p 7:20p  >DYH Full Ice>PeeWee> Peewee A Practice TBD   AA 
7:30p 8:20p  >DYH Full Ice>Midgets> Midget A Half Season Practice TBD   AA 
8:30p 9:20p  >DYH Full Ice>Midgets> Midget B Half Season Practice TBD   AA 
Kingston, The Bog Rink 2 5:40p 6:30p  >DYH Full Ice>Bantams> Bantam B1 Practice Peewee B1   AA 
Plymouth, Armstrong 8:30p 9:20p  >DYH Full Ice>Girls> Girls U19 Practice TBD   AA 
 Thu 10/24/2019 StartFinishOfclDivisionTeamTypeOpponentNote By 
Kingston, The Bog Rink 1 7:10p 8:00p  >DYH Full Ice>PeeWee> Peewee C Practice TBD   AA 
7:10p 8:00p  >DYH Full Ice>Squirts> Squirt B2 Practice Squirt C   AA 
8:10p 9:00p  >DYH Full Ice>Bantams> Bantam A Practice Peewee B2   AA 
 Fri 10/25/2019 StartFinishOfclDivisionTeamTypeOpponentNote By 
Bourne, Gallo Arena 8:40p 9:40p  >DYH Full Ice>Midgets> Y18UBH - CC Canal SSC Game Midget B Half Season   RM 
Kingston, The Bog Mini Rink 7:30p 8:20p  >DYH Full Ice>Girls> Girls U19 Practice TBD   AA 
8:30p 9:20p  >DYH Full Ice>Bantams> Bantam A Practice TBD   AA 
Kingston, The Bog Rink 1 4:20p 5:10p  >DYH Full Ice>PeeWee> Peewee A Practice Bantam B2   AA 
 Sat 10/26/2019 StartFinishOfclDivisionTeamTypeOpponentNote By 
Bourne, Gallo Arena 3:30p 4:30p  >DYH Full Ice>PeeWee> Peewee B2 SSC Game Y12UB2R - Marshfield   RM 
Bridgewater, Bridgewater - East 8:20a 9:20a  >DYH Full Ice>Squirts> Y10UAR - K/P Walpole SSC Game Squirt A   RM 
Canton, Canton Ice House-Blue 5:50p 6:50p  >DYH Full Ice>Girls> G19UA - Canton SSC Game Girls U19   RM 
Canton, Sportsplex - Main 11:10a 12:10p  >DYH Full Ice>Bantams> Y14UBH - Norwood SSC Game Bantam B1   RM 
Kingston, The Bog - Rink 1 6:40p 7:40p  >DYH Full Ice>Girls> Girls U14 A SSC Game G14U - Cyclones   RM 
7:50p 8:50p  >DYH Full Ice>Midgets> Midget B Half Season SSC Game Y18UBH - Weymouth Gold   RM 
Kingston, The Bog - Rink 2 9:35a 10:35a  >DYH Full Ice>Squirts> Squirt B1 SSC Game Y10UBH - Seahawks Blue   RM 
10:45a 11:45a  >DYH Full Ice>Girls> Girls U12 A SSC Game G12UA - MV - Falmouth   RM 
7:00p 8:00p  >DYH Full Ice>Girls> Girls U12 B SSC Game G12UB - Seahawks   RM 
8:10p 9:10p  >DYH Full Ice>Bantams> Y14UAH - Braintree SSC Game Bantam A   RM 
Kingston, The Bog Rink 1 8:00a 8:50a  >Mite Xice/Learn to Play Hockey> Learn to Play Hockey Practice TBD   AA 
Milton, Ulin Rink 7:10p 8:10p  >DYH Full Ice>PeeWee> Peewee A SSC Game Y12UAH - Milton   RM 
Pembroke, Hobomock 1 8:10a 9:10a  >DYH Full Ice>Squirts> Franklin Game Squirt C   PT 
4:20p 5:20p  >DYH Full Ice>PeeWee> Braintree Game Peewee C   PT 
Plymouth, Armstrong Arena 3:20p 4:20p  >DYH Full Ice>PeeWee> Peewee B1 SSC Game Y12UBH - Plymouth   RM 
Randolph , Zapustas Arena 1:50p 2:50p  >DYH Full Ice>Squirts> Y10UB2R - Canton Black SSC Game Squirt B2   RM 
Rockland , Bavis - Main 9:10p 10:10p  >DYH Full Ice>Bantams> Bantam B2 SSC Game Y14UB2 - Hingham White   RM 
South Dennis, Tony Kent Arena 10:00a 11:00a  >DYH Full Ice>Mites> Y8UA - Y/D SSC Game Mite A   RM 
 Sun 10/27/2019 StartFinishOfclDivisionTeamTypeOpponentNote By 
Kingston, The Bog - Rink 1 7:10a 8:10a  >DYH Full Ice>Squirts> Squirt A SSC Game Y10UAR - SC Panthers   RM 
Kingston, The Bog Rink 1 7:40a 7:30a  >Mite Xice/Learn to Play Hockey> Learn to Play Hockey Practice TBD   AA 
Milton, Ulin Rink 8:50a 9:50a  >DYH Full Ice>Girls> G12UB - Milton Red SSC Game Girls U12 B   RM 
11:10a 12:10p  >DYH Full Ice>Girls> G10UA - Milton SSC Game Girls U10 A   RM 
Quincy, Quincy Youth 6:40p 7:40p  >DYH Full Ice>Girls> G14U - Quincy SSC Game Girls U14 B   RM 
Randolph , Zapustas Arena 4:50p 5:50p  >DYH Full Ice>Bantams> Y14UAH - Canton SSC Game Bantam A   RM 
Rockland , Bavis - Main 1:20p 2:20p  >DYH Full Ice>Bantams> Y14UB2 - Seahawks SSC Game Bantam B2   RM 
Rockland, Bavis - Rink 2 2:50p 3:50p  >DYH Full Ice>Mites> Y8UB - Braintree Blue SSC Game Mite B   RM 
Rockland, Rockland Rink 7:10a 8:10a  >DYH Full Ice>Midgets> Y18UA - SS Eagles SSC Game Midget A Half Season   RM